Best Safety Eyewear Option for continually changing light conditions

uvex variomatic: self tinting glasses by uvex


What is uvex variomatic?

Variomatic lenses (or, as some call them, photochromic or self-tinting lenses) are designed to darken when exposed to specific types of light of certain intensity, particularly UV light.

Lenses coated with uvex supravision variomatic are self-colouring filters that offer the best vision with automatic darkening within 10 seconds and brightening after 30 seconds. With the proven uvex supravision excellence technology (anti-fog on the inside, extremely scratch-resistant on the outside) with immediate effect. Particularly suitable for frequent movement between light and dark work areas.


photochromic safety glassestransmission time safety glasses

How do variomatic lenses work?

When you go from inside to outside, these lenses progressively darken within 10 seconds from 70% light transmission to around 32% light transmission. They then progressively lighten up within 30 seconds when you go back inside (versus other lenses that can take up to two minutes).

uvex variomatic benefits 

Convenience - no swapping between glasses 

Helps lessen the eye strain due to fast transition times

Shades adapt to light conditions 

uvex UV400

100 % UV protection