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When you choose uvex, you’re choosing to work with an experienced and reliable PPE manufacturer. We pride ourselves on our understanding of the industrial and safety market and in turn offer first-class solutions for products and services.
Feel confident to trust uvex products, they not only keep your employees safe but also optimize productivity.



Know-how from professionals, for professionals.

We provide our customers with the information and support required to optimise product selection and to maximise the ‘wearer experience’, without compromise.

uvex safety is committed to the design and production of products which respect the principle that ‘one size does not fit all’.

uvex PPE solutions can be tailored to individual requirements, delivering absolute consistency of protection and performance levels.

We surround our products with an array of services, supporting PPE decision makers in product selection and implementing safety strategies. uvex ensures that PPE wearers derive maximum benefit in terms of protection and ‘issue-free’ wearability.

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Safety glasses, overspecs ,full-vision safety goggles and face shields

Whether you need safety glasses, goggles or overspecs, uvex develops innovative safety eyewear in its plant in Bavaria, Germany which meets the highest quality standards through stringent testing in its own test centre. Every uvex product must fulfill the exacting uvex standards that measure functionality, ergonomics, durability and wearer comfort.

Case Study: Safety Glasses

Innovative eyewear technologies by uvex


Manufacturing and technology expertise

Development expertise, state-of-the-art robot-controlled manufacturing technology and stringent quality control ensure
the first-class quality of our safety gloves. 

Development and production

  • own yard/liner manufacturing, own compounding (blending)
  • specially developed moulding and process technology
  • innovative coating technology
  • 100 % solvent-free manufacturing
  • sustainable use of resources
Case Study: uvex Safety Gloves

Manufacturing competence in hearing protection

Made within its own CO2 neutral facility in Höör, southern Sweden, uvex produces 30 million plugs per year using energy from renewable sources. It’s modern manufacturing, unique approach to energy sources involves minimal water consumption with no hazardous waste by-products. 

uvex brings to the market truly inspired products to ensure anyone can find the right hearing protection solution for their workplace environment.


uvex xact-fit reusable earplugs

These innovative earplugs feature a unique oval design making them comfortable to wear even during periods of extended use. The pre-formed pins make it easier to insert and remove the earplugs. The uvex xact-fit reusable is available in two sizes.


uvex x-fit disposable earplugs

The ergonomically pre-shaped uvex x-fit disposable earplugs provide very strong insulation and are suitable for use in extremely loud environments. The soft foam of the earplugs provides a high level of comfort, even when worn for extended periods.


uvex hi-com disposable earplugs

The innovative shape of the uvex hi-com earplugs reduces the level of sound that normally builds up in the inner ear when wearing hearing protection. Provide softer acoustics and absorb disruptive noises and allow excellent speech perception.

What our customers say


Wade Campbell (Site Safety Health Representative / Serviceman) from Anglo American shares his experience aboout uvex sportstyle glasses:

“...the product you can't beat it at the moment in the industry...“ Wade Campbell

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Not sure which PPE products are the best for you?  Work directly with our uvex expert to recommend and implement high performance site PPE solutions.

Navy (002)

The Royal Australian Navy Alpine Snowsport team is proteced by uvex

Protecting people who protect us - the perfect partnership uvex safety Australia and the Royal Australian Navy Alpine Snowsport team (NAS). 

A partnership built on Leadership Quality Enthusiasm. 

Weather in an industrial situation or on the top of a snowy mountain, both athletes and industrial workers deserve the most innovative protection available in the market today.